Spring into Action: Blooms, Buds, and Bountiful Gardens

As the chill of winter begins to fade and the promise of spring looms on the horizon, gardeners eagerly anticipate the blooming season ahead. It’s time to dust off gardening gloves, sharpen tools, and prepare the soil for a vibrant display of flowers. Planning becomes paramount, as gardeners envision color schemes, plant selections, and layout designs. Clearing away debris, pruning shrubs, and cultivating beds are essential tasks to kickstart the rejuvenation process. Whether it’s sowing seeds indoors or scouting local nurseries for budding beauties, anticipation mounts with each step towards creating a botanical masterpiece. With nature’s canvas awaiting its transformation, the stage is set for a season of growth, beauty, and the pure joy of nurturing life in the garden.

We asked our REALTORS® what their favorite tips and tricks are when it comes to spring gardening. Most of them forgot to answer with their favorite tip, and went straight into sharing photos of their favorite flower you could find in their flower beds!

“I’m getting my dahlia tubers divided! All so I can enjoy these beauties in late summer/early fall!”

-Jenna Withers, REALTOR®

“Cone flowers – aka Echinacea Comes in many different colors & heights. It re-seeds itself each year and the bees love it!”

-Tina Ryan, Fairway Independent Mortgage

“My favorite spring flower to plant is produced by Proven Winners “Supertunia’s”! They are a sterile petunia and are amazing! They are are a little pricier than regular petunia’s, but they are so much better! Check these planters out! They go from May to October!”

-Karyl Quevillon, REALTOR®

My favorite tip is to add perennial plants. Our family favorite is a perennial that provides fresh food! This year we are adding several fruit trees, and asparagus

-Sarah Darrow, REALTOR®

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