Real Estate Revealed: Meet Loral Krutsinger

Dreaming of crafts and crafting real estate dreams, we spent the day with Loral Krutsinger, a REALTOR® at RE/MAX Elevate Stanwood. She stems from royalty, as a 4th cousin to “The King” himself – “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley. And she’s got the receipts, proof, timeline and screenshots to prove it! (Not that you’d need to confirm: she’s a very trustworthy person.)

Loral’s Lunch Spot:

We snagged a table at her local favorite, Jimmy’s Pizza & Pasta, for miniature pizzas, side salads and great conversation. It was a quiet afternoon – a welcome contrast from the generally vibrant dinner crowd. Friday nights at Jimmy’s you’ll usually find the restaurant bursting at the seams. The tables are full of families and friends returning from sporting events, choir concerts and FFA competitions – or simply celebrating the start of the weekend ahead! It’s the place to be to bump into people you know and love.

Getting To Know Loral:

Learning more about Loral, she is an accomplished sewer and boasts a wealth of knowledge when it comes to most crafts. She designs and sews handbags, straps, pillows and more – selling them through her company Eliz Marie Designs. Asking her about dream trips and bucket lists, she yearns for a heritage trek through Ireland and Scotland and a visit to Nashville to pay homage to “The King”, or “cousin” to her. Overall, she has a heart for history, and would love to explore the east coast and maybe even stretch her legs for a historic walking tour of Boston, Massachusetts.

But truly, Loral has a heart for all. Recently rescuing a stray kitten on her property, he’s become the most famous feline on our Facebook feeds. His name is Tobias The Grey (Toby for short) and he’s been joyfully starring in Loral’s social media content for his many adoring fans. #tobiasthegrey

Exploring Downtown:

After lunch, we poked our head into Picnic Pantry in search of the perfect closing gift for Loral’s clients. It’s a shop for all needs. Heck, it’s a shop for all wants. Oils, vinegars, wine, local art, chocolate, plants, stuffed animals in all varieties – including the softest chicken one agent declares should be an “emotional support” chicken. (Couldn’t agree more!) Altogether, the best find of the day was a t-shirt that simply stated “Goosebumps” with, you guessed it, geese bumping fists. So with bags in hand, and huckleberry licorice in our mouths, we hopped back into the car and asked the hard hitting questions in the field of real estate:

Real Estate Revealed: Insights About The Business

Why real estate?

I was working 15 years from home in the insurance industry and I missed people! In 2008, my husband Chad was an agent and I would always ask him if we could preview homes. I loved looking at houses! *Still do! We had a dream to work together as a team then, however, our kids were young and the timing didn’t pan out. In December 2017, I began my real estate journey and it’s been an adventure ever since!

Who is your dream client?

My favorite clients are people who know what they want, and have all of their ducks in a row! A dream celebrity client? Audrey Hepburn. So classy!

What’s your best tip for buyers?

Get pre-approved before you start looking at houses! Nothing can break your heart more than falling in love with a home you can’t purchase because you aren’t prepared.

What’s your best tip for sellers?

As your representative, we’re here to advise and provide you the best experience and outcome of selling your home. Trust your agent!

Loral Krutsinger offers her clients a wide variety of resources for both buying and selling a property:

“Loral is an absolute dream to work with! We feel very heard when expressing our wants and needs in a home, and she always makes sure to be real with us whenever something arises. She’s quick to respond, flexible, informative, and knowledgeable. She makes the stressful home buying experience feel like a breeze and we couldn’t imagine working with anyone else during this process!”

-Lexi White

Learn more about working with Loral Krutsinger here.

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