Ron has spent his life in Washington State, mostly the Stanwood , Camano Island area. He graduated from Stanwood High School and went to work in a sawmill in Darrington WA., This is where he met his wife Hazel and they have raised two children, they now have 5 grandchildren and they have been married for 42 years. Ron’s mothers family moved to Camano Island in the 1930’s and his father’s side of the family in the mid 1940’s. Ron has seen a lot of changes in the community.

Around 1976 Ron’s  father had a heart attack and needed help with his land clearing construction business. Ron went to work for his folks and learned the trades of road building, land clearing, building bulkheads, chain saws, logging,  running heavy equipment, dump trucks, wetlands etc. Ron learned when developing land there are a number of items to consider. Mostly soil condition, and drainage. (where is water going to end up)

Approximately 1981 Ron bought a tug boat for rounding up logs off the local beaches and mills to sell to contractors which they would use for building bulkheads to protect properties from the weather. Even though it was a fun job, it was not too profitable. During his tug boating days he meet another  tugboater and was invited to go to Alaska on the 150’ “Justine” tugboat to sell groceries and supplies to communities up and down the Alaskan inside passage. What an experience! With that job, you go into areas that the only way there, is by boat or plane. Beautiful!  Ron happened to be on watch with a gentleman called “Cap”, Cap was a retired tug boat captain and had navigated the inside passage hundreds of times. To spend hours with a seasoned captain gaining knowledge while watching the beauty of the inside passage slip by was something special to Ron.  A funny thing Cap told Ron:  Cap had a friend who was a seagoing captain (Open ocean, trips to Hawaii and such) on a tug boat. He said when his friend saw land his friends knees would start shaking, Cap being an inside passage captain, said, when he could not see land his knees would start to shake. Funny, but true in so many ways.  From delivering babies to selling a home, if you’re not familiar with the process it can make your knees shake. Do I do this or do I do that? There is no reason for your knees to shake or have knots in your stomach when dealing with real estate. Call Ron for the Real Estate help. He would love to talk with you and your more than welcome to bounce your questions or concerns off him. As for delivering babies, don’t call Ron.

During Ron’s tug boat days a friend asked if he would consider selling real estate.   Knowing the tug boat business was not taking care of his family he said sure. Then the fun really started. Ron’s knowledge of land development would become very valuable in his real estate career. From reading plats and  survey maps, to soil conditions and county requirements, Ron knowledge has helped many folks with their real estate goals.  In the real estate trade, Ron sees so many opportunities for sellers to enhance the value of their land just by doing a few simple things. Ron likes the insurance ad that says “We know a few things because we’ve seen a few things’.  Boy isn’t that the truth. Ron became a licensed Real estate agent in May of 1985 and a Real Estate Managing Broker in the 1990’s. Ron has seen lots of things in the real estate industry.

Ron loves the environment. In 1999 Ron and Hazel had a chance to buy the tidelands of Triangle Cove on Camano Island, approximately 219 acres. Triangle Cove was inundated with the invasive species Spartina. Spartina is a grass that takes over tide lands and raises the tidelands by capturing silt. In the process wiping out all marine life in that area. With the help of Washington State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and Washington State Dept. of Agriculture Ron and Hazel were able to get a grant to clean up the tidelands. So with Fish and Wildlife, Dept of Agriculture, and the local Spartina task force consisting of local folks who were also involved, the process began. Ron and Hazel wish to thank all parties involved in helping clean up almost 170 acres of devastation and get the estuary back to a somewhat working environment. Ron and Hazel continue to  work with Dept. and Fish and wildlife and WA. St.  Dept. of Health to monitor Spartina and water quality of Triangle Cove. Ron and Hazel have had an Aquatic farm registration for raising shellfish in Triangle Cove since 2012.

With 35 years of real Estate experience you do see a few things. Ron has been through 3 real estate bubbles, in 1985 when Ron started his Real Estate career, interest rates were around 14-16% for home buyers. With 14% interest rates Ron learned how to write owner contracts with his firm. Ron’s designated broker at that time was very , very knowledgeable and thorough about contract preparation. If you wanted to be in business in those days, owner contacts were normal. Living in a certain area for so many years Ron knows folks pretty well, from Builders, electricians, plumbers, developers, agents, county employees, attorneys , etc. Pretty much anyone you need to know or get questions answered for real estate Ron knows them. Ron’s office is easy to get to and located near  Ace Hardware and Camano Plaza, IGA . (Large shopping center on Camano)

A large portion of properties in the North Snohomish county, South Skagit county and Camano Island are not on public water or sewer. You will be dealing with onsite septic systems, private water wells, private dirt roads and power that comes and goes in bad weather. Ron can help you with all of this. If you want some elbow room on acreage or if you prefer town living with all the amenities,  call Ron.

From fellow agents in the real estate trade, to buyers and sellers to others. If Ron can help, just ask. A few years back a local friend/ agent asked Ron, who would be able to remove trash from a house that the seller or tenant had left behind. Ron did not know anyone who did this sort of thing but offered to do it for expenses.  Ron’s other business that runs hand in hand with real estate was formed.  “Residential Trash Out Service”.  Residential Trash Out Service helps agents, sellers, buyers or any property owner  remove unwanted items from their  property.  So if you are in need of a service like this, call Ron. Ron and his crew of local young adults will get your debris removed stress free. All monies earned stay in the local community. Local company with local workers.  Ron likes to say,” Residential Trash Out Service”, helping to keep our local communities clean and pristine one trailer load at a time. (

Please call Ron for all your real estate or trash out needs.

Ron Wells | REALTOR®

 (425) 356-9068