Use our management services to navigate rental, tenant, cash flow, maintenance and all other issues related to property management. We will ensure that your property is managed with the highest professional and ethical standards available.

Full Service

As part of the full service commitment for owners I advertise and market the property, handle the applications, tenant screening process, complete the leases, manage tenant move-in and tenant move-out, collect and deposit all fees connected with the lease. Post sign and place key box on property.

From collecting rents, handling security deposits, monthly rent checks each month, disbursing your funds as well as monthly financial reports, we handle all tenant relations for you. We also maintain a qualified group of contractors to handle repairs as well as any and all maintenance needs your property may require. We will occasionally stop by the property to make sure the home is maintained.

Market Knowledge

As a licensed Washington State REALTOR®, professional education, industry associations are continued annually. Therefore, you are always guaranteed a quality experience with a guide who can provide a clear understanding of current market rates in our area as well as competitive properties and rental opportunities.


(360) 223-1100


(360) 223-1100